Sewing Planner

How do I manage my sewing and craft needs?  With a planner of course!

Materials List:
3 Ring Binder
tabbed dividers
page protectors
Loose leaf paper

The first step for me when I'm making a planner is to think about what I need to organize. Here are a list of the things that I'm needing organizational help with in my sewing room:

  • Inventory of Supplies
  • Quilt Group projects
  • Christmas gift projects
  • Mystery Quilt projects
  • Client Projects
  • Sale Items
  • Scrap Projects
  • Family Projects
  • Quilt Class Checklists
  • Quilt Retreat Checklists
  • Quilt Shows
  • UFO List
So once I've made a list of the things that I know I need to work on, I start organizing them into groups.  So from the above list, I know I need a project section, an organization section, and business information.

Most of us can use an "Organizational" section:
  • Quilt Class/Retreat Checklists
  • Calendar of Quilt Related Events
  • Inventory
  • Shopping Lists
The next thing  I looked at was my Project Section.  In this part I knew I needed a place to keep information on my ongoing projects.  I'm keeping patterns for items I'm working on in here, as well as list of my UFO's.

Finally, I needed a business section.  I keep records of communication, expenses, etc.

It's my way of keeping up with what I need.  Hope it works for you.